The deadline for the 2022 Joy Harjo Poetry Prize, 2022 Barry Lopez Creative Nonfiction and the 2022 Rick DeMarinis Short Story Prize is midnight November 1, 2022.

At 358 pages, Puro Chicanx is a historic collection of poems and prose featuring 84 contemporary Chicanx writers, including Sandra Cisneros, Alberto Rios, Luis Alberto Urrea, Octavio Solis, Denise Chavez, Demetria Martinez, Carmen Tafolla, Octavio Quintanilla, Edward Vidaurre, Raul Sanchez, Rosemary Catacalos, Griz Munoz, Matt Mendez, Matt Sedillo, Gary Soto and more.  



THANK YOU for purchasing THE BEST OF CUTTHROAT,  The Print Editions featuring works by Joy Harjo, Rita Dove, Carolyn Forché, Wendell Berry, Sandra Cisneros, Alice Anderson, LeAnne Howe, Marilyn Nelson, Marilyn Kallet, Richard Jackson, TR Hummer, Luis Alberto Urrea, Doug Anderson, Rebecca Seiferle, Martin Espada, Alfred Corn, Rick DeMarinis, Naomi Shihab Nye, Patricia Smith, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Matt Mendez, Keith Flynn, Marvin Bell, Naomi Benaron, Carmen Calatayud, Patricia Spears Jones, Pam L. Houston,Karen Brennan, B.j. Buckley, Meg Pokrass, Michael Martone, Bryce Milligan, Aurelie Sheehan, Dan Vera, Jasminne Mendez, Jacob Shores-Argüello, Adie Smith, Danielle Bainbridge and more.  This anthology is 272 pages and collects the best of ten years of
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 Cutthroat 24 is a double issue.  Contributors include:  

Daniel Barnum-Swett, Tony Barnstone, Austin Bennett, Kimberley Blaeser, Chris Bullard, .chisaroakwu., Stewe Claeson, Chard DeNiord, Ty Dettioff, Richard Dinges, Anita Endrezze, Michele Feeney, Courtney Felle, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Jerry Gates, Julia Mary Gibson, Jenn Givhan, Hedy Habra, Joy Harjo, Elizabeth Hellstern, Sandra Hunter, Richard Jackson, Patricia Spears Jones, Whitney Judd, Sarah Kaminski, Barry Kitterman, Joan Larkin, Angela LaVoie, Sara Levine, Jennifer Martelli, Tim Miller, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Naomi Shihab Nye, Martin Penman, Samuel Piccone, Herbert Plummer, Sarah Priestman, Maj Ragain, Linsey Royce, Anele Rubin, David St. John, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, Danielle Sellers, Art Smith, Jane Hipkins Sobie, Meredith Striker, Melissa Studdard, Emma Claire Sweeney, John Tait, Shelly Taylor, Marina Tsvetayeva, Heidi Vanderbilt, George Wallace, Donley Watt, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, and Ann Leshy Wood

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